Dates Are The Secret To Nutritiously Sweetened Smoothies

smoothie with dates
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To pack a touch of natural sweetness into your next morning smoothie without having to rely on artificial sweeteners or extra swirls of honey, reach for a handful of dates. The dried, wrinkly bursts of fruit not only add delicious flavor to your smoothie concoctions, but they can also help create thicker textures that result in satisfyingly smooth recipes. Plus, with a nutritional profile that includes antioxidants and essential nutrients like fiber, magnesium, iron, and vitamin B, these bite-sized pieces can help ward off illness and keep you feeling strong. After guzzling down your tahini smoothie made with cardamom and dates, you will be well equipped to tackle your day with gusto.

While you have different kinds of dates to choose from when assembling smoothie recipes, Medjool dates provide a subtle caramel flavor that can help make recipes like coffee-flavored smoothies sing. The easy sweetness of these kinds of fleshy dates is the perfect complement for savory-leaning smoothies made with sweet potatoes or cubes of pumpkin.

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A Win-Win Recipe In Terms Of Taste And Health

smoothie with date pieces
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When enhancing your favorite smoothie recipe with dates, consider adding pieces of the fruit early on in the blending process. Once the hard seeds are removed, dates can take a bit longer to blend up than other ingredients. Though you may not mind fishing small pieces out of the bottom of your glass, the experience is less than ideal if you want a smooth beverage to put back quickly or plan on drinking your smoothie through a straw.

Depending on the kinds of dates you have stocked in your kitchen, you can plan in advance and soak dried pieces in coconut water or your choice of milk before plopping the hydrated pieces into a blender to pulverize. Begin by adding two pieces of the fruit to your smoothie creations and adjust for taste. Since the flavors of dates can vary according to type and season, your recipes may need some adjustment to get right. Garnish with your choice of powdery sprinkles of cinnamon, ginger, or cardamom, and you'll have a treat that tastes just as good as it is for you.

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