David Ayer calls for the release of his cut of 'Suicide Squad'

Suicide Squad (Credit: Warner Bros)
Suicide Squad (Credit: Warner Bros)

Director David Ayer has said that pulling together his own cut of 2016 superhero actioner Suicide Squad would be 'easy'.

In a tweet to Collider website editor Steven Weintraub, Ayer added that 'the film I made has never been seen'.

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“My cut would be easy to complete,” said Ayer. “It would be incredibly cathartic for me. It’s exhausting getting your ass kicked for a film that got the Edward Scissorhands treatment.

“The film I made has never been seen.”

As production of the movie finished in August, 2015, stars like Margot Robbie and Will Smith were seen tattooing each other, appearing to have been through something pretty important in making the DC adaptation.

But when the movie emerged, it was panned by critics.

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It later emerged that the studio had stepped in to conduct reshoots to tip the mood of the movie towards a more fun tone – as seen in the film's trailers – after it had seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice battered for its grim and sombre tone.

Viola Davis and David Ayer on the set of Suicide Squad (Credit: Warner Bros)
Viola Davis and David Ayer on the set of Suicide Squad (Credit: Warner Bros)

Multiple other editors were also brought in to complete the film, with Ayer have been vocal in the past about the final product not being the one he intended.

Despite all this, the movie made decent money – nearly $750 million worldwide.

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A sequel is currently in production, called The Suicide Squad, with Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn behind the camera.

It will see Robbie, Joel Kinnaman, Jai Courtney and Viola Davis reprising their roles, and it's due for release in August, 2021.