David Harbour Explains Why He Fought For His Gran Turismo Character To Listen To Black Sabbath Over Guns N' Roses

 David Harbour in Gran Turismo
David Harbour in Gran Turismo

Some of you reading this might already have seen Sony’s new video game adaptation, Gran Turismo. The studio decided that it would generate word of mouth on the well-reviewed racing movie by screening it in theaters over two weekends leading into its official opening weekend. And based on the Thursday night box office, the movie could climb to $15 million in its opening frame, which could compete against Blue Beetle, and the juggernaut that is Barbie and Oppenheimer. So you might be familiar about how good Black Widow star David Harbour is in the film as the surly crew chief. But did you know this influence behind his music choices?

As we have pointed out in our official Gran Turismo review, the sports movie follows the very popular and time-tested sports cliche formula, with an underdog athlete (Archie Madekwe) joining a professional league and needing the help of a begrudging mentor (David Harbour) to prevail over the competition. We have seen 20 epic underdog victories on screen before, and Gran Turismo absolutely belongs on that list in time.

When we met Harbour’s character in the movie, he was blasting Black Sabbath through his headphones. So when I got a chance to interview Harbour about Gran Turismo (long before the SAG strike went into effect), I asked him if the use of Sabbath was his suggestion, and he explained:

That actually is definitely something I brought to the role! In fact, it had been written I think initially as, like, Guns N' Roses? It was Axl Rose, and I was like, ‘No, this guy’s angrier and weirder. Let’s make it Black Sabbath.’ Because when I moved to the East Village right out of college, I had a buddy who introduced me to Black Sabbath’s first album. And it changed my life. That album is stunning. We use a couple of tracks from it in the movie.

Black Sabbath and badass movies go hand in hand. To be completely honest, nothing in Gran Turismo comes close to the way that Iron Man used AC/DC’s Back In Black. That’s easily one of the best uses of music in an MCU film, or ANY movie. But having David Harbour’s mechanic blasting Black Sabbath in his headphones when we first meet him is tough as shit, and makes us respect him immediately.

Harbour brings some cool cred along with him, regardless. He stole scenes in Black Widow, and is an emotional (and action-packed) anchor in Stranger Things, which will return for Season 5 in time. While we wait for him to play Hopper one last time, head to theaters to see the actor playing Jack Salter in the highly entertaining Gran Turismo, which might be one of the best video game adaptations to ever come out of Hollywood. Go see it.