Why David Hasselhoff Originally Turned Down Baywatch

David Hasselhoff has revealed that he initially turned down the role of Mitch Buchannon in ‘Baywatch’.

Speaking exclusively with Yahoo, Hasselhoff said “I didn’t really want to do Baywatch. I had a hit song, Looking For Freedom and I’d moved on [and] it was number one.

"I told my manager ‘Oh gosh it’s running down the beach in slow-motion and I’ve got to wear a bathing suit and I don’t want to wear a bathing suit’".

Hasselhoff then reveals that his manager booked it for him anyway - despite him saying no!

Good job he did. ‘Baywatch’ enjoyed an incredibly successful 11 years at the height of TV entertainment.

Give that manager a raise!

Hasselhoff then goes on to explain that the show was mauled by critics for being sexist due to the numerous hot girls starring the show.

"It’s about saving lives. Heart, humour, action. It happens to have beautiful girls," he said. "The lifeguards are beautiful in California. I can go show you. There are girls that the guys would like to be rescued by!"

Watch the full highlights of the interview below:

We spoke to David in partnership with Samsung, whose hilarious advert with The Hoff can be seen below.

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