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David Hasselhoff wants another shot at Nick Fury

And he wasn’t fussed on Samuel L. Jackson's version.

Although Samuel L. Jackson has made a name for himself as Nick Fury, it seems that David Hasselhoff wasn't fussed… and wants another shot at the iconic role.

I know what you're thinking - with the Marvel Cinematic Universe taking off the way it has, it's obvious that the ageing 80s icon would still want a piece of the action. But after starring in the 1998 cheesy classic 'Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.' it seems that David Hasselhoff thinks he's still perfect for the role… and he's adamant that he was the 'ultimate' Nick Fury.

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I caught up with the legendary Knight Rider during an appearance at the Cardiff Film and Comic Con… and he wasn't exactly shy about who he thinks is the best Nick Fury.

"I was the first Nick Fury," he said. "Stan Lee put me in that. He gave me the best line ever: 'Guys like you tend to cling to the bowl no matter how many times you flush'."

And I have to admit, I know exactly what he means…

"Stan Lee came on the set and told me all about Nick," he added. "He said 'You're the ultimate Nick Fury'. He gave me the greatest compliment ever."

But what did he think about Samuel L. Jackson's performance? It seems he wasn't exactly pleased with the way they tackled his beloved Nick Fury.

"You know, it wasn't Nick Fury," he said. "They take these shows and they make it the way they want to make it and unfortunately, they should have had Stan Lee on the set and let him kick him into gear - whoever directed [Avengers Assemble] decided they wanted to go that way. But it's their prerogative. He's still a great actor."

Harsh words from a man who made a career out of driving a talking car.

Obviously keen to relive his glory days, Hasselhoff told me all about what it was like to don the eye patch for his nineties made-for-TV version of the hard-boiled hero.

"It was a challenge," he explained. "But it was also more fun than anything. I did a lot of research - I read as much about Nick Fury as I could."

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"Nick Fury is a real tough guy and he didn't have any special powers… A big word in my life is 'respect' and you know, might for right. He was a big throwback to the old World War II days, you know."

But reminiscing about old times just doesn't seem to be enough for the Hoff. And it looks as though Samuel L. Jackson might have a contender for his role…

"I was hoping to have played him in the movie," he revealed. "And then Samuel L. Jackson came in and he was a great Nick Fury but he wasn't really the consummate Nick Fury, the way he was written. And I think that's a shame because he's a great character and a funny character… I'm hoping to do it again sometime."

Of course, we've seen actors come and go in the Marvel universe before - just look at how many different versions of Bruce Banner we've seen in recent years. But does the Hoff really stand a chance of replacing Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury? Fans of the nineties cheese-fest might disagree, but I think he's Hoff his rocker.

Do you think David Hasselhoff could return to the Marvel universe? Who do you think is the ultimate Nick Fury? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

Ryan Leston is a comic book movie geek from Cardiff who can't wait to see what's in store for the rest of Marvel's Phase Two. His favourite Marvel film is 'Avengers Assemble' and he still thinks he can someday make his very own Iron Man suit. Follow Ryan Leston on Twitter or Facebook.

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