David Koma's Pre-Fall 2024 Takes Inspiration from Socialites and Swans

David Koma's new Pre-Fall 2024 collection draws inspiration from the iconic 1970s scandal surrounding Truman Capote and his circle of socialites, more commonly known as 'The Swans.' Since immortalized in Ryan Murphy's upcoming series, the rise and fall of Capote acts as the biggest influence for Koma's new release.

Known for their domination of the elite society, the so-called Swans were associated with wealth, beauty and power -- now translated into a collection of risque evening gowns, feathered accessories and sultry hues. Featuring powder pink and pure white tones, PF24 ranges from vibrant red and intense jet black to a subtle, almost sombre grey.

Gowns are accessorized through satin bows, cascading ribbons and crystal embellishments, while silhouettes caress and capture the female form. Fabrics include flowing satin, delicate lace and a tactile jersey, crafted with cut-outs, monograms and trimmed feathers. Paying tribute to the swan, hand-drawn swan wings appear embroidered onto tulle, while feather plumes enhance already-dramatic necklines and dresses.

Drawing on the traditional concept of black tie, the collection offers a contemporary take -- one characterized by thigh-high splits and dramatic cuts. Finally, Koma's muse, Marlene Dietrich, also informs the collection, with her 1935 Leda Swan costume acting as another source of inspiration.

Take a glimpse at David Koma's PF24 above and while you're here, check out Alaia's new Winter Spring campaign.