Coronavirus: Labour's Dawn Butler's uncle dies after being infected in hospital

James Morris
Senior news reporter, Yahoo News UK
Dawn Butler announced her uncle has died from COVID-19. (Getty Images)

Labour deputy leadership candidate Dawn Butler has said her uncle has died from coronavirus after becoming infected in hospital.

Butler said he was admitted to hospital after a fall before he got COVID-19 in hospital.

She said she is “devastated” but also “angry” at the government amid growing concern at levels of coronavirus testing.

The Brent Central MP posted on Twitter on Thursday:

On Wednesday, Downing Street said just 2,000 frontline NHS England staff have been tested for coronavirus.

About 1.2 million people work for NHS England in total.

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Boris Johnson’s official spokesman said: “We’re very clear that we want more testing to be carried out, and that we are working with NHS England, Public Health England and others to ensure that happens.”

A YouGov poll, meanwhile, found 66% of Brits think the UK has handled coronavirus testing “badly”.

The UK’s latest coronavirus death toll stands at 2,352, with 29,474 people who have tested positive.

Butler is among five candidates for Labour’s deputy leadership election, the results of which will be announced on Saturday.

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