A Day of Unreasonable Conversation Event Launches $125,000 TV Writers Fellowship

Social-impact agency Propper Daley’s annual TV creators gathering A Day of Unreasonable Conversation has launched the Unreasonable Fellowship, an initiative for television writers to create stories that explore important social issues and inspire meaningful change in media.

In partnership with philanthropic organization Quadrivium, the inaugural Unreasonable Fellowship will focus on climate change, with the ultimate goal to shift the media narrative away from dystopian climate futures in favor of ones that inspire realistic and optimistic solutions.

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With a total grant pool of $125,000 to be distributed to 10-12 select writers, the pilot program will invite its fellows to engage with issue experts, funders and activists in the climate space through a series of conversations and workshops to support their ongoing writing projects. Each fellow will receive approximately a $7,500 stipend each, along with a separate budget of $1,500 to host small gatherings for their peers within the program.

“This fellowship is an opportunity to shift away from the bleak dystopian narratives that have come to depict climate issues in the media and instead start focusing on the brighter, more attainable futures that people all over the country are actively fighting for,” said Quadrivium co-founder and president Kathryn Murdoch. “The creative community has the power to reshape the story and help us imagine a more sustainable future, one that is defined by an abundance mindset, not one of scarcity. By bringing these key players together, we can create networks and forge new strategies to support narrative and social change.”

Founded by Propper Daley, A Day of Unreasonable Conversation is a yearly gathering of television writers, producers, executives, activists and others designed to inspire the exchange of fresh ideas and perspectives in media. Through the power of TV storytelling, A Day of Unreasonable Conversation strives to stimulate a more nuanced conversation surrounding the greatest challenges and opportunities facing the world.

This year’s A Day of Unreasonable Conversation was postponed due to the writers strike and is set to pick up again in March 2024. Last year’s event featured a starry lineup of industry conversations between the likes of Kim Kardashian, Uzo Aduba, Chrissy Teigen and BJ Novak. The Fellowship was also approved by the Writers Guild of America.

The Unreasonable Fellowship application is now open, with fellows to be selected by Oct. 15.

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