Dazed Launches Networking App for Creatives

LONDON — Dazed Media is rolling out a dedicated social networking application tied to its membership offering, Dazed Club, which was first introduced in 2022.

First reported by WWD last May, the app, which launches on Monday, encourages users to share their creative work — be it films, imagery or links to their portfolios, to connect with collaborators and seek new opportunities.

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Users can also explore and join groups, ask questions, and receive advice from industry experts. They can also access event listings and editorial content from Dazed.

Jefferson Hack, chief executive officer and cofounder of Dazed Media, the publisher of Dazed, AnOther and Nowness, said that by matchmaking creatives all over the world, Dazed Club is “going to shape a new creative future for global youth.”

“Existing creative networking apps are rigged against creative development so we have decided to build one that puts their needs and interests at the heart, empowering and equipping the next generation to make their mark in the creative industry globally,” he said.

Jack Sunnucks, creative director of Dazed Club, said the app offers a new ecosystem for next-generation creatives.

“We launched Dazed Club [in 2022] as a beta membership and this is a natural evolution — one that’s global. The original Dazed Club members have been fundamental in developing and building what we are launching — it’s been built by the community that will use it.

“You might be an illustrator looking for an animator, a photographer looking for a stylist, a filmmaker looking for a specific location, or a musician looking for a producer… Dazed Club is now able to not only offer its audiences behind-the-scenes access into the creative world of work, but access to other young people all over the world,” added Sunnucks.

There will also be some big names on the platform.

“We will be working with Dazed cover and digital talent to create opportunities for the community to engage directly with them through events. We’ve so far given members access to events and activations with creative talents including Molly Manning Walker, Marina Abramović, Campbell Addy, Coucou Chloe, Jamie XX, and Jordan Firstman,” said Sunnucks.

The app is also meant to serve as a talent pool. Dazed’s creative and editorial teams plan to spotlight creative projects published within the app and scour the platform for new hires.

IB Kamara, editor in chief of Dazed, said he hopes the app “will be a powerful resource for finding new collaborators and creative inspiration for everyone. Me and my team want to celebrate and help and support young people from all backgrounds and hopefully, this platform will be another way we can continue to do this.”

While the app is free, there is a members’ area called Dazed Clubbers that is accessible for a monthly fee of five British pounds. It offers additional benefits such as complimentary copies of the Dazed magazine, competitions, product drops, discounted access to events, festivals, exhibitions, parties, and the Dazed and AnOther Magazine archive, as well as opportunities to meet experts and have work spotlighted.

Rounding out the digital offerings, Dazed this year will also evolve the Dazed Space at London’s 180 The Strand, where the magazine is headquartered, into a living magazine experience with live events.

Having gone national with the Dazed Club live events last year with stops in Manchester, Glasgow and Liverpool, club events are heading to New York and the Middle East in the summer and fall, respectively, with other regions planned for 2025.

“The plan is to be the number-one global Gen Z platform for youth culture with all the first-party data and insights that come with owning the app all the while looking at how to maximize IRL ways for the community to engage in culture,” he added.

Asked if the club model can be replicated for Dazed Media’s other titles, the answer for now is “no,” according to Dazed Media.

“What we are building is not replicable for publishers as it has been built community-first and for youth. Specifically, it’s taken two years working with a community of over 2,000 young people who helped us understand their needs. The app is the most powerful creative networking tool available for 18- to 24-year olds, providing real-world opportunity and reward,” the publisher asserted.

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