DC censors new Batman comic for full-frontal nudity in all future printings

Sam Ashurst

DC comics have launched a new ‘for adults’ comic label, known ‘DC Black Label’ (not to be confused with the Carling lager) with one of the company’s bravest decisions yet – showing Bruce Wayne out of his Batman costume, with his Bat-penis clearly on show.

The panel can be seen in Brian Azzarello and Lee Bemejo’s Batman: Damned’s first issue.

Well, for the time being anyway – DC has changed their mind about the audience’s need to see Batman’s Bat-junk, and will censor all future issues of the comic.

Of course, this being 2018 and not 1984, we have the Internet to rescue Batman’s Bat-dong from obscurity, with the offending panel already all over the place, including twitter.

Once you’ve recovered from the shock, you’ll probably agree that it’s actually not that bad and that DC is being just a bit over-cautious.

A source has said that the main reason for getting rid of the image is that “it was decided later that the nudity did not add to the story and would be removed in future printings.”

Can someone tell DC that nudity doesn’t add to stories 99.5% of the time and that people like it because it’s cool? You know, like a dude dressed as a Bat punching people in the face? The giant dinosaur in Bruce’s cave doesn’t add much to the story either, and you don’t censor that.

But, whatever, there are still 115,000 copies of the massively offensive comic in print – which means that it’s probably just become the most collectable modern comic ever.

Quite an impressive way for the company to sell out the first run of their new comic label. Holy cynicism, Batman!

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