DC Comics Give Superman An Unexpected Makeover

Ben Bussey
·UK Movies Writer

We all know the Man of Steel when we see him: big, strongly built white male; slick, short black hair, often with a little kiss-curl; red cape, figure-hugging blue-suit with red boots and usually red trunks, and the iconic ‘S’ triangle in the centre of his pneumatic chest.

It’s the look that has made the character instantly recognisable the world over since the 1930s - which makes it rather curious to note just how many times DC Comics have insisting on revising their flagship character’s appearance over the years.


Now in an image posted at Nerdist, DC reveal that they have given Superman another makeover, and while it isn’t necessarily his most drastic image change, it may well be his most puzzling - simply because of how underwhelming it is. 

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Gone are the cape, the boots, the full suit - and in their place, a standard T-shirt, jeans and boots combo that you might see untold millions of men wear on the street anywhere in the world.He no longer looks so much like the granddaddy of all superheroes, as - well - just a bodybuilder in a Superman T-shirt.

This new look for Supes is to be introduced in June, as part of major DC Comics event ‘The Convergence.’ A new look for Wonder Woman has been revealed along with it (the following image having premiered at Hitfix), which is also a fairly drastic revision - yet she at least still looks like a superhero.


These reveals would appear to be geared toward preparing readers for a wide range of drastic changes to the DC universe as part of the Convergence. Less diligent fans can surely be forgiven for struggling to keep up, given it feels as if DC have only just recently rebooted everything with the New 52 line.

The New 52 has in some ways made its presence felt in the movies, what with Henry Cavill’s Superman being the first live-action incarnation of the character not to wear the red trunks, in line with the New 52 redesign.


As to whether this might mean we’ll see Cavill’s Man of Steel in the basic T-shirt and jeans anytime soon - well, we have our doubts. Indeed, we rather doubt this particular revision will wind up lasting very long in the comics either.


Anyway, as previously stated this is hardly the first image change Superman has flirted with. Take the black, cape-free suit and mullet he sported after returning from the grave in the early 1990s - a variation of which might have been worn by Nicolas Cage in the notoriously aborted ‘Superman Lives:’


And then there was the frankly bonkers Blue Superman look introduced in the late 1990s:


Will new casual streetwise Superman endure any longer than these…? Time will tell, but we rather suspect the Man of Tomorrow will return to the look of yesterday sooner rather than later.

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Picture Credit: DC