New Deadpool 3 set photos feature Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, Dogpool, and double the Ryan Reynolds

 Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson in Deadpool 2/Ryan Reynolds.
Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson in Deadpool 2/Ryan Reynolds.

New set photos from Deadpool 3 have arrived – and there's a lot to unpack.

The Daily Mail has released over 60 set photos, but we'll sum it up in a few key points. We get a new glimpse at Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, which is always nice, but we get our first-ever glimpse at Dogpool, a Deadpool variant that is, in fact, a dog. Dogpool, who is an alternate universe version of Wade Wilson, made his first appearance in Prelude to Deadpool Corps #3. In the comics, he has a pretty sad life – which gets progressively sadder until his death in 2013's Deadpool Kills Deadpool. We're hoping the live-action version has a much better time.

The set photos also show Ryan Reynolds in a Samurai version of the Deadpool suit, complete with the traditional shoulder-length hair and top bun. It's possible that this is a callback to Deadpool: Samurai, Vol 1., which sees Wade Wilson move to Tokyo and trade in his Deadpool suit for a more traditional Japanese version. Check out the photos below.

The threequel is directed by Shawn Levy (The Adam Project, Free Guy) from a screenplay by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (Deadpool, Deadpool 2), and is set to be the first-ever R-rated film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (though it was Star Lord of all people who uttered the first MCU F-bomb in Guardians of the Galaxy 3).

Deadpool 3 is set to hit theaters on July 26, pushed back from its May 3 release date. For more, check out our list of all the upcoming Marvel movies and shows you need to know about.