Deadpool 3's Director Explains His Bromance With Ryan Reynolds, And Of Course Hugh Jackman Was Involved

 FEBRUARY 28: Hugh Jackman, Shawn Levy, and Ryan Reynolds attend The Adam Project World Premiere at Alice Tully Hall on February 28, 2022 in New York City.
FEBRUARY 28: Hugh Jackman, Shawn Levy, and Ryan Reynolds attend The Adam Project World Premiere at Alice Tully Hall on February 28, 2022 in New York City.

Deadpool 3 is on temporary production pause due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike led by Fran Drescher, but the camaraderie between its star Ryan Reynolds and director Shawn Levy remains as strong as ever. This on-and-off-screen friendship owes its origins to none other than Wolverine himself, who apparently played a pivotal role in forging this remarkable partnership. Honestly, I love hearing the director talk about how Hugh Jackman helped make the friendship happen.

For fans of the Merc with the Mouth actor, the chemistry between him and Levy is a match made in entertainment heaven, culminating in countless collaborations. What stirs my excitement isn't just their on-set rapport but the heartwarming tale of their friendship's origin, attributed mainly to the ever-charming Jackman. In a recent talk with People, The Adam Project filmmaker revealed the delightful backstory of his friendship with Reynolds, tracing it back to a prophetic prediction by the Greatest Showman star. The filmmaker said ahead of the upcoming Marvel movie:

It's all thanks to Hugh. He predicted this 11 years ago. I vividly remember him saying, 'I'm friends with this guy Ryan Reynolds, and if you ever meet, you guys are going to never stop working together again.

The X-Men alum's foresight was nothing short of remarkable. Levy explained just how deep the connection between the three amigos runs. He continued:

I haven't made a truly close friend since college. Men don't tend to make a lot of friends. But Hugh and Ryan happen to be the two guys that I talk about real-life shit with. We get together as husbands and guys and dads. And now we get to work together, which has been an absolute blast.

It’s heartwarming to see that, in the hustle and bustle of the entertainment industry, real and lasting friendships can still form. The trio’s chemistry isn’t just for show; it’s genuine, and that authenticity is something that fans can sense in their work.

The three best friends and core creative team behind Deadpool 3 were recently spotted at a Chiefs game, where they mingled with Taylor Swift. This encounter naturally fueled further speculation about the pop singer’s possible inclusion in the already-stacked Deadpool 3 cast, but the director is staying tight-lipped about those Dazzler guesses.

Fans have been buzzing with excitement ever since the announcement of Hugh Jackman’s reprisal of Wolverine. According to the Free Guy producer and director, this is a storytelling gift because not only do they have two iconic actors embodying their most iconic characters at their disposal, but they also have two characters with a famously tense dynamic. The off-screen camaraderie between these three A-listers is poised to inject even more life into the highly-anticipated third installment of this beloved comic book movie franchise.

When Shawn Levy isn’t enjoying Chiefs games with his two closest pals, he keeps himself occupied with his busy schedule. The producer behind the hit series Stranger Things is currently working on one of the most eagerly awaited shows on the 2023 TV schedule: the limited series All the Light We Cannot See, adapted from Anthony Doerr’s novel of the same name. It’s set to start streaming for everyone with a Netflix subscription beginning November 2.

Under Levy’s direction, Reynolds and Jackman are set to grace the screen in Deadpool 3, scheduled for release in theaters on May 3, 2024. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next theater experience.