Deadpool will give you the (pink) suit off his back if you help him fight cancer

Deadpool 2 is just over a month away, and to get fans ready for that eagerly anticipated premiere, 20th Century Fox debuted the Marvel series’ first R-rated installment last night on FX. And during that broadcast, the Merc with a Mouth made a very special plea to his fans — and promised an exceedingly colorful reward should they help him in his latest cause.

In a public service announcement spot (watch it above), Ryan Reynolds’s antihero reveals that he’s teamed up with fundraising site Omaze to raise money for F*** Cancer, a nonprofit organization dedicated to, well, I’m sure you can figure it out. Those generous enough to contribute money to this fight will have a shot at winning the custom-made pink Deadpool costume that Reynolds shows off in the promo — and which, he helpfully suggests, would be ideal for either an S&M get-together or as an outfit for your farm’s scarecrow. Not that his one-of-a-kind supersuit is the only thing available to prospective contributors — a signed poster and a Blu-ray package are also offered at the site, as is the chance to receive a personalized (and, in all likelihood, foul-mouthed) outgoing voicemail message from the red-costumed assassin himself.

For full details about Deadpool’s war on cancer, head over to Omaze. The character’s next big-screen adventure, Deadpool 2, arrives in theaters on May 18.

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