'A deflated yoga ball used as a buffer': Katy O'Brian shares the reality of 'very silly' sex scene shoots for Love Lies Bleeding

Katy O'Brian stars in Love Lies Bleeding credit:Bang Showbiz
Katy O'Brian stars in Love Lies Bleeding credit:Bang Showbiz

Katy O'Brian's sex scenes in 'Love Lies Bleeding' felt "not sexy and very silly".

The 35-year-old actress gets intimate with both Kristen Stewart and Dave Franco in her latest movie but she insisted there is nothing "glamorous" about shooting the raunchy scenes and she and her co-stars saw the funny side because of all the protective clothing and "buffers" used.

She told People magazine: "It's just so not glamorous, and it's really not that sexy when you're doing it. I mean, first of all, you've got a boom-mic guy that's got his microphone hovering over you while it's all happening."

Katy explained there are "modesty garments", which are "always kind of funny, weird panty-liner-looking things," as well as other materials to shield their private parts, including "a lot of tape".

She explained: "Our intimacy coordinator wanted to make sure I had lots of layers between me and Kristen, so she would tape down one layer of fabric, especially in our first bedroom scene, where you have to see the side of me, so we can't have underwear on.

"Then, I think there was another layer, and there was literally a cut-out yoga mat that she put over me, and taped that down."

The former police officer was given a hockey cup to use at times, while Dave was given a "deflated yoga ball to use as a buffer" between them during their sex scene.

She added: "There was some funny little experimenting with protection. It just felt really not sexy and very silly."

Before the scenes were shot, the actors worked with intimacy co-ordinators to discuss what they felt comfortable with and how it would be choreographed, with no room for improvisation.

Director Rose Glass said: "There are nudity riders and stuff. Basically it's literally agreed in writing before anyone even gets on set exactly what isn't going to be shown: from what angle, how much, how little. By the time you get there, it is all quite mechanical."

Katy added: "We stick with the script for those scenes, because with intimate scenes there's massive approvals that go into everything.

"If anything changes, we have to go back and sign more paperwork. We just had to approve it all ahead of time."