Dell considers IPO, Tesla denies Model 3 issues, Facebook reveals details about Russia

Here’s a look at some of the companies the Yahoo Finance team will be watching for you today.

Dell is considering a big move, According to Reuters, Dell is considering a sale or IPO of one of its largest divisions, Pivotal Software and their majority owned VMware Inc. The Texas based tech company is currently the world’s largest privately held company.

Automaker Tesla (TSLA) is denying a report about production issues with their most affordable sedan, the Model 3. Earlier this month, the electric car maker delayed production for the second time raising some eye brows and disappointing some investors. Tesla shares closed down 2.4% on Thursday following the report.

Facebook (FB) found that during the 2016 election season Russian agents created 129 election events. Facebook also found that several promoted events were created in September 2016. The congressional testimony could not confirm which events actually took place. These developments shed new light on the Russian disinformation campaign aimed at undermining U.S. elections.

The ride hailing service Lyft is under fire following allegations that several employees were misusing personal data. In an anonymous online post a Lyft employee explained that some co-workers used data to track romantic partners and pull personal information for celebrities including Faeebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and several hollywood actresses.