Democrats have purchased $1.2 million in ads to target Lauren Boebert, outspending Republicans by 100 times: report

  • Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert won reelection in 2022 by just 546 votes.

  • That's inspired Democrats to heavily invest in the MAGA Republican's defeat in next year's vote.

  • Democrats have so far outspent Republicans on advertising by 100x, The New York Times reported.

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert was first elected in 2020, handily beating her Democratic opponent by more than 25,000 votes. Two years later, she barely won her Republican-leaning district, defeating a largely unknown challenger by just 546 ballots.

Then there was that Beetlejuice incident — "that little escapade," in the words of one Colorado Republican, involving a vape pen and some public groping, the fallout of which has seen Democrats spending even more to beat her and some of Boebert's GOP allies abandoning her, The New York Times reported Saturday.

Adam Frisch, Boebert's 2022 challenger, is back, this time with money. Democrats, including Frisch, a local businessman, have "already reserved $1.2 million in advertising for the race," which isn't until 2024, the Times reported, citing the tracking firm Ad Impact. That, according to the paper, is more than 100 times what Republicans have spent.

Boebert, who is also facing a GOP primary challenge, still enjoys support from others in her party. In 2021, she was endorsed by former President Donald Trump after embracing his false claims of election fraud in 2020 (Trump is unlikely to endorse her Republican opponent, who has rejected those claims).

But the lawmaker has acknowledged that she faces a tough challenge ahead. "Democrats," she said last month, "certainly smell blood in the water."

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