Demon Slayer: Genya's backstory, demon powers and brother explained

demon slayer what happened to genya
Is Demon Slayer's Genya a demon?Ufotable

Demon Slayer season three spoilers follow.

Demon Slayer season three has turned the action up to 11, thanks to the show's animation and fight choreography operating at the top of its game.

From Tanjiro using Nezuko's blood to pull off the Sun Halo Dragon, to Kanjiro finally showing off both her Love Breathing technique and her unique ribbon-like nichirin sword, the show is most certainly back.

Episodes five and six have also brought fan-favorite Genya into the spotlight, giving us a glimpse of his impressive demon skills and his tragic backstory.

Demon Slayer’s anime-only viewers might be left wondering what exactly Shinazugawa’s deal is though, so we’ve dug into the manga to bring you a spoilerific breakdown.

demon slayer genya

Does Genya die in the Swordsmith Village Arc?

Demon Slayer viewers looking for reassurance about their new favourite angry boy can rest easy.

We're happy to report that, at least according to the source manga, Genya Shinazugawa does not die during the events of the Swordsmith Village Arc.

That's not to say things are plain sailing for Genya though, as his fight with Hantengu's younger forms pushes him to the limit.

Who is Genya's brother Sanemi Shinazugawa?

Demon Slayer season 3 episode six did more than just give us some great action, it also showed us Genya’s backstory.

Similar to Tanjiro, Genya’s family was torn apart by tragedy. His life was destroyed after his mother was turned into a demon and had to be killed by his older brother Sanemi.

If that wasn't bad enough, Genya didn’t know his mother was a demon at the time, and blamed his brother for her murder outright.

The pair separated before Genya could realise the mistake he’d made, and in the time since his brother has become the Wind Hashira. Demon Slayer viewers will have spotted Sanemi back in season one during the Rehabilitation Training Arc.

As a result of what happened, the Genya we see today is focused solely on becoming strong enough to gain the rank of Hashira so he can be worthy of his brother once more - and apologise for his behaviour.

demon slayer is genya a demon

Is Genya a demon?

The huge black pupils and an extremely veiny forehead we saw at the end of episode five would certainly suggest so.

The actual answer is a little more complicated, but essentially no, Genya is not a demon.

According to the source manga: "Genya has a special ability. For a short amount of time, he can become a demon using his bite strength and his special digestive organs."

Basically, as a result of his serious gnashers and iron stomach, Genya can devour demon flesh and gain characteristics like the sharpened fangs, frosted tips, and black pupils seen in the most recent episodes. Pretty impressive.

This ability allows him to overcome his other shortcomings (as he sees it), such as his inability to perform the 'breathing styles' that give most Demon Slayers their near-supernatural abilities.

demon slayer what happened to genya

It's also worth noting that Demon Slayer fans have been quick to point out similarities between Genya and Nezuko, as both used their desperation to access demonic powers and must fight to keep them in check.

Beyond just looking pretty scary, Genya's abilities also expand over the course of the manga and eventually allow him to mimic some of the powers of the specific demons he consumes, but we won't spoil the specifics on that just yet.

It's fair to say that Genya's impressive appetites, coupled with the fact he wields a double-barrelled, demon-killing shotgun make him one of the series' most unique and memorable characters.

Looking forward Genya is set to play a key role in the rest of Demon Slayer season three, but we'll have to wait and see just how Tanjiro will react to these new revelations.

Demon Slayer season 3 is available on Crunchyroll, with new episodes releasing every Sunday. Seasons 1-2 are available on Netflix.

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