Denis Villeneuve 'disappointed' that Dune: Part Two still rules box office

Denis Villeneuve is "disappointed" that 'Dune: Part Two' remains the highest-grossing film of 2024.

The 56-year-old director's sci-fi epic is still the most successful film of the year despite being released in March and he thinks that it is a sad indictment of the film industry that none of the summer blockbusters have been able to surpass it.

Speaking after receiving the Academy Icon Award at the Canadian Screen Awards, Denis said: "I think we need movies that are theatrical experiences, that will fully embrace the power of the theatre, and I'm not just talking about 'Dune 2'. Of course I'm talking about many movies.

"A movie like 'Civil War', for instance, is a strong example of a movie that absolutely used the power of the theatre. I was lucky that 'Part 2' did reach the audience, I wish it would happen more often, honestly.

"I'm disappointed to still be number one... I hope soon that there will be other successes at the box office. I hope, sooner or later, that this summer box office will be much better."

Villeneuve used his speech to urge Canada to protect the film industry at a time when "culture" is more important than ever.

The filmmaker said: "We must never take things for granted. Canada must keep encouraging its artists in times when even the notion of truth is challenged.

"Culture is more than ever fundamental for the health of our democracy, and cinema being the most powerful art form ever created. I know I'm biased, I'm sorry.

"And we must take care of our film industry. Make it grow and make it flourish. We will all benefit from it."