Denise Richards says filming Wild Things’ infamous swimming pool scene was ‘terrifying’

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Denise Richards says filming Wild Things’ infamous swimming pool scene was ‘terrifying’

Denise Richards has said that filming Wild Things’ infamous pool scene was “terrifying”.

The actor starred in the 1998 neo-noir film with Neve Campbell and in one scene kisses her co-star while both are in a swimming pool.

Speaking to The Guardian in a new interview, Richards has said that she was “extremely nervous” ahead of shooting. “It was terrifying,” she commented. “It was the first time I had filmed anything like that, so I was obviously extremely nervous.”

She added: “There are a couple of scenes that are very risque. There’s a lot of choreography of figuring out who’s going where, so it’s not as sexy as people think.”

When asked if she could “still look Neve Campbell in the eye”, Richards responded: “Of course, yes! I’m sure people must think that behind the scenes it’s very exciting, but it’s not. But I’m glad it comes off that sexy in the movie.”

Richards had previously revealed that she had asked her young daughters not to watch the film’s more explicit scenes. The erotic thriller gained notoriety upon its release for featuring several sex scenes, which were more explicit than is typically seen in mainstream Hollywood films.

“I definitely did not give them a copy,” she said. “I told them, ‘I don’t want you guys watching this’, because one of my daughters brought it up to me and I was shocked.”

Earlier this month Richards showed support for her daughter, Sami Sheen, following criticism over the 18-year-old’s decision to join OnlyFans.

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