This detail will change the way you watch 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' forever

Ron Lacey
Ron Lacey

Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of the greatest action adventures ever made but it turns out Steven Spielberg had to get a little creative in one scene.

Especially, the final scene of the chase sequence which sees Dr. René Belloq (Paul Freeman) standing up in the car searching for Indiana (Harrison Ford), with Major Arnold Toht (Ron Lacey) by his side.

But hold on, is that actually Toht? Turns out, no.

Charles de Lauzirika worked it out and posted a clip to Twitter which has amounted over 261,000 views.

“Yup, my favourite Raiders cheat is how they dealt with an absent Ronald Lacey at the end of the truck chase,” he tweeted. “Looks almost like it’s just Toht’s hat and coat and not much else.”

That seems like a pretty accurate assessment, though it’s not the only place in the movie where it’s not all that it seems.

Just before Marion (Karen Allen) and Indy reunite we see her holding something up to her temples then chucking them to the floor when she sees her ex-lover. It’s easy to assume she’s holding the shot glasses used in the drinking game she just won, as they audibly smash when she throws them to the floor.

Marion is holding snowballs to her head but the sound effects makes it sound like shot glasses
Marion is holding snowballs to her head but the sound effects makes it sound like shot glasses

However, she’s actually holding snowballs to her head but the sound engineers mistakenly put shot glass sound effects over the movement instead. The thread below explains how this happened in detail.

Funnily enough, the movie won the Academy Award for Sound as well as a Special Achievement Award for Sound Effects Editing despite the continuity error.

There are plenty more mistakes in the movie but it will always be a classic and hopefully, the next film, the fifth in the franchise, will show a better attention to detail by the crew ahead of its release on July 19, 2019.

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