Diablo 4 eases the grind with 5 days of extra gold and XP

 Diablo 4
Diablo 4

Diablo 4 will hand out 25% more gold and experience from September 1 through September 5 as part of its first "Blessings Aplenty" event.

Blizzard announced the event today. Blessings Aplenty will run through 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6p BT on Friday, September 1 through the same time on September 5. Players at all world tiers, in both seasonal and eternal realms, and all activities will benefit from the multiplier, and we can thank the "Blessed Mother" herself for that.

"For those curious where to attribute this newfound boon, look for the new in-game icon beside your potion count that signifies the increased rate of earning Gold and XP," Blizzard explains. Another tweet also confirms that the bonus will stack "with all similar boosts."

As community director Adam Fletcher noted in a tweet sharing Blizzard's post, Mother's Blessing marks a long weekend for some, with September 4 being Labor Day in the US. What better way to celebrate it than to labor in the mines of Diablo 4 with 25% increased efficiency?

Gold, in particular, is a recurring pain point among Diablo 4 players, largely due to the cost of rerolling items and respeccing your build. A few days of extra gold may help grease the wheels, but there's still likely to be continued demand for deeper economical changes. XP can also slow down once you clear the waves of new content and enter the bottomless Nightmare Dungeon Zone where many players still find themselves toiling, so here's hoping the boost meaningfully improves that grind, too.

Diablo 4's latest updates and announcements have addressed some of its more tedious tasks. The Season of Blood will cut the Renown grind, for example, and it will also be easier to farm those coveted uber uniques. The latest patch notes hit some common annoyances as well, especially UX complaints.

Addressing Diablo 4's disastrous Season 1 launch, Diablo boss Rod Fergusson says "we felt like we were doing the right things."