Did Marcus Jordan Ever Think His Love Larsa Pippen Murdered Him On The Traitors? How He Sussed It Out

 Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen on RHOM.
Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen on RHOM.

Spoilers ahead for the first few episodes of The Traitors.

It's a great time to be a hardcore reality TV fan, as legends from shows like Survivor, The Challenge, and The Real Housewives make up the cast for The Traitors Season 2. That includes RHOM star Larsa Pippen and her partner Marcus Jordan, who unfortunately were eliminated early into the season. But did Marcus Jordan ever think he loved Larsa murdered him? Here's how he sussed it out.

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan definitely turned heads when it was revealed they'd be competing alongside each other on The Traitors (which can be streamed with a Peacock subscription). While Larsa secretly sent messages to Marcus when filming, did he think she murdered him? Marcus appeared on cast mate Johnny Bananas' podcast Death Taxes and Bananas, where he explained his thinking after being murdered by the mysterious Traitors early on. As he put it:

There was a part of me, when I got murdered, that was like damn is it Larsa? You know what I'm saying? Because it very well, I didn't know either at that time who could have murdered me.

Despite their often viral relationship, it sounds like there was a moment where Marcus thought that perhaps Larsa could have murdered him on The Traitors. But in the end they were both Faithfuls, and the Real Housewives of Miami icon was voted out at a round table shortly after Marcus' elimination.

Marcus and Larsa's relationship is often making headlines, thanks to their age difference and her previous relationship to Michael Jordan's teammate Scottie Pippen. They definitely made a splash in the Traitors castle, although they were seemingly targeted thanks to being a pair of votes. Later in that same interview, Jordan explained what helped him realize Larsa wasn't a Traitor, offering:

The only way I ruled her out was because I knew she wouldn't have murdered me so quickly. I knew she would have wanted me to have the experience.

Fair point. While he didn't put it past Larsa to be a Traitor and even murder him with the rest of her compatriots, but he didn't think that she would murder him so early in the game. They both wanted to be there for the long haul, but unfortunately that didn't happen. Hopefully we get a Season 2 reunion, and will get to see this duo back on our screen together for The Traitors. But for now we can catch them on the current season of The Real Housewives of Miami. Larsa definitely deserves some flowers, as she was the first one to clock that Dan was a Traitor. She also correctly fingered Parvati... before she actually got recruited to be one.

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