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Did Valkyrie almost appear in Thor: the Dark World?

Concept art reveals Marvel's Asgardian warrior woman may have been set to star in the 2013 sequel

COMMENT | Unused concept art from 'Thor: the Dark World' reveals that Valkyrie, another Asgardian superheroine from the Marvel universe, may have almost appeared in last year's blockbusting superhero sequel. Three potential looks for the blonde-haired warrior woman have appeared on the website of artist Josh Nizzi, alongside a number of unused creature designs.

First, we have her sat astride a winged horse, looking like a fairly typical Viking woman with her hair braided in that Norse kind-of way. The second look seems a bit more Barbie fairy princess, with glittery body armour and fluttery rainbow wings (can't say I'm surprised that one would get rejected).

The final design feels like a midway point between She-Ra and Emma Frost, with its silver winged helmet, and body armour covering everything but the face and cleavage. Impractical for sure, but doubtless many in the audience would have enjoyed that one, myself included.

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A few months back, when I wrote an article on female characters from the Marvel universe who could conceivably headline their own movie (see the link above), Valkyrie was among the characters I mentioned. However, I received a few disgruntled comments that my description of her as "essentially a feminine variation on Thor" was inaccurate.

Okay, I must admit I'm far from an expert on the character, and I'll concede that classing her as 'a female Thor' is a bit of an oversimplification, and perhaps a bit dismissive... but come on, as a blonde haired Norse warrior, she isn't exactly lightyears apart from the hammer-swinging son of Odin.

We might also note that the recent Marvel Ultimate incarnation of Valkyrie is (at first, anyway) a human, Barbara Norris, who initially refers to herself as 'Thor-Girl.'

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The character designs for 'Thor: the Dark World' would seem to suggest that this Ultimate Valkyrie was not the incarnation they intended to use in the movie; but then it would also seem unlikely they would use the predominant model beforehand, which saw another human - Samantha Parrington - mystically merged with Valkyrie by the Enchantress - another female character of the 'Thor' universe I'm sure we'll see in the movies at some point.

Given that the movies have ditched the original comic conceit of Thor being magically linked with Dr Donald Blake, I find it unlikely they'd explore that angle now (but then, with 'Doctor Strange' on the cards, a bit of mysticism is sure to be introduced to the Marvel movies at some point, so who knows...)

So why did Valkryie not make the cut this time around? Perhaps it was fear of overcrowding. 'Thor: the Dark World' had enough going on developing the existing characters, including that other Asgardian warrior woman Lady Sif.

Even so, once the ball gets rolling on the inevitable third 'Thor' movie, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Valkryie is a name we hear again.

Would you have liked to have seen Valkyrie in 'Thor: the Dark World?' Which actress could you envisage filling the armour? Let us know in the comments.

Ben Bussey is a freelance writer and comic book movie enthusiast.

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