We Didn't Deserve The Red Chickz's Giant Chicken Sandwiches

fried chicken sandwich
fried chicken sandwich - Facebook

While there might not be an official Guinness World Record for largest fried chicken sandwich, Los Angeles-based chain The Red Chickz certainly seems to have an informal claim to the title. It was serving up massive chicken sandwiches that clocked in at 40 pounds, according to a TikToker who tried one.

Multiple viral videos featured the chain making the sandwiches and some eager fans attempting to eat them. One video showed a Red Chickz chef wrangling the monster sandwich in front of an audience, struggling to pick it up afterward. Another TikToker put the sandwich together herself at The Red Chickz location in Downtown LA, then attempted to take a bite of the "biggest fried chicken sandwich in the world," though it seemed a bit of a challenge to eat. The sandwich seemed to have been a little too big to last, as it hadn't made another appearance since 2022.

Essentially a giant version of the chain's original sandwich, the super-size version was lathered in homemade chili mayo, countless pieces of Nashville hot crispy fried chicken, a mound of homemade coleslaw, and tons of pickles — all fit between two large, extremely hefty brioche buns. The sandwich was first posted on TikTok by The Red Chickz in 2021 to celebrate National Chicken Sandwich Day on November 9. The video racked up over 12 million views.

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Too Much Of A Good Thing?

fried chicken sandwich
fried chicken sandwich - Facebook

LA restaurant The Red Chickz has gone viral on TikTok with over 1 million followers, but the giant chicken sandwich took things to another level. The sandwich seemed to be more of a food challenge turned marketing opportunity than an actual menu item. It certainly seemed to work, generating a wild amount of buzz for the chain's chicken. TikTok viewers were simultaneously intrigued and disgusted by the sandwich, with many commenting they found it to be a waste of food when one creator attempted to tackle the comically large sandwich.

Sure, maybe The Red Chickz's giant fried chicken monstrosity wouldn't make any best chicken sandwich lists, but maybe that's because it gave us more fried chicken than we deserve. After all, it seems that not enough people were actually eating the sandwich to justify keeping it around.

The Red Chickz still offers plenty of other options. Its menu features just about every variation of fried chicken under the sun, from tenders to chicken & waffles to chicken tacos. Believe it or not, it also offers vegetarian options like cauliflower sandwiches and cheese curds, plus fried shrimp for the seafood fans. The Red Chickz has locations in Downtown LA and Culver City and will soon expand to Carlsbad, CA, and Cypress, TX.

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