Die Hard is NOT a Christmas movie, say most people in YouGov poll

It may be set at Christmas. It might even feature a Christmas hat and the words ‘ho ho ho’ during one slightly gruesome scene.

But according to most people, Die Hard is NOT a Christmas movie.

Pollsters YouGov have done all the relevant asking (of 5457 people) and 52 percent say that it isn’t, with a further 18 percent saying they don’t know.

That leaves just 30 percent who deem the Bruce Willis actioner a Christmas film, so perhaps now the argument can be officially put to bed.

(Credit: YouGov)
(Credit: YouGov)

Or can it?

When the results were split up into age groups, there remains some disagreement, with 42 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds reckoning Die Hard is a Christmas movie after all, and 38 percent saying it isn’t.

Meanwhile, for the over 65s, it definitely isn’t, with just 19 percent of those polled agreeing on its festive status.

As for how the results stacked up by political party, a decisive 61 percent of UKIP voters believe it’s not a Christmas movie.

However, the biggest sticking point comes from the fact that a solid 50 percent of people do not accept that movies set at Christmas, but are not specifically about Christmas, count as Christmas movies.

So more rows to come over this one then.

The question of Die Hard being a Christmas film has become a meme in itself this Christmas, prompting many hilarious responses on Twitter.

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