Diesel and Ludacris reveal videos from Fast and Furious 7 set

Pete Turner
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Diesel and Ludacris reveal videos from Fast and Furious 7 set
Vin Diesel releases video from set of Fast and Furious 7

What is more exciting than still pictures, star sound bites and story details from the set of 'Fast and Furious 7'? How about some videos from the stars of the film Vin Diesel and Ludacris?

Staying in touch with fans is becoming an increasing part of 'Fast and Furious' stars' jobs and since shooting started only this month, the stars have not disappointed so far. With set photos being released of funeral scenes, Kurt Russell on set and lots of stern faces suggesting a moody tone to 'Fast and Furious 7', it is nice to see the other side of the story with the stars eager to reach out to fans and give them a sneak peek of the latest film in the series.

Vin Diesel

The man himself Vin Diesel released a video showing just how incredulous he is to be on the set of the seventh film of the series and how thankful he is to the support of 'Fast and Furious' fans for sticking with the franchise and making it bigger and better with every recent entry. From the lake location in Atlanta that fans will be familiar with from the first official still, Diesel states that they are shooting the first scenes of the production and thanks fans for their support and 'for being the best fans in Hollywood'.


On his Instagram account, Ludacris has also released a somewhat less refined but equally tantalising video from the set of 'Fast and Furious 7'. Splitting the screen in two, Ludacris may not appear in the video but he sneakily films some of the vehicles lined up to appear in the latest film. It might only be a quick trawl through the automotive armoury of the film but eager eyed fans will be able to catch quick glimpses of some very impressive looking vehicles before Ludacris conforms the location of the video by showing a 'Fast and Furious 7' director's chair.

Previous videos

These are just the latest two video released by the stars on the set of 'Fast and Furious 7'. Previously both Ludacris and Tyrese Gibson had posted videos to their Instagram accounts confirming the status of the film as very much in production and their own presences on set. It all goes to show very clearly that the stars of the 'Fast and Furious' franchise really do appreciate their fans and wish to keep this connection alive and well even between the releases of the films. Expect plenty more in the way of videos and stills before 'Fast and Furious 7' is released in July 2014.

Do you enjoy these videos from the set or would you rather the stars just got on with getting this film out as quickly as possible?

Pete is a cautious fan of the Fast and Furious films; enjoying the fast cars and furious fights but not so keen on the cheesy dialogue. However he's not going to be telling Vin Diesel that last bit any time in a hurry…

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