Disney Is Remaking Sister Act


It was inevitable, wasn’t it. While many of their animated classics are getting the live-action treatment over the coming years, it seems Disney is planning to remake ‘Sister Act’.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new version of the 1992 musical comedy will be produced by ‘Cinderella’s’ Allison Shearmur and written by  Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith and Karen McCullah. They’ve had a hand (or should that be a pen?) in successful flicks like ‘Legally Blonde’, ‘She’s the Man’, and ‘Ella Enchanted’.

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With the announcement still fresh off the presses, nobody knows whether Hollywood legend Whoopie Goldberg will be returning to reprise her role of misfit nun Deloris.

The plot of the new film is also top secret at the moment, but will likely play out similarly to that of the original. In the first movie, singer Deloris witnesses a shady crime and, due to mob involvement, is taken into protective custody and relocated to a convent where she must assume a new life as a nun.

The original was so successful that it spawned a sequel just a year later, by the name of ‘Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit’, when Deloris is asked to help out a run-down Catholic school and get it back on track.

The first film co-starred the likes of Maggie Smith and Harvey Keitel, with the former returning the for the sequel. No one knows which actors Disney has in mind or if it’ll be as popular and successful as the first; it all depends on which stars sign up to the project and whether audiences today still have a hankering for singing nuns..

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Picture credit: Touchstone Pictures

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