Disney Fever: One Frozen Toy Sells Every Seven Seconds


Prepare for an incredible stat that comes in a 16-month period where Disney’s ‘Frozen’ has almost taken over the world and broken all sorts of records. According to figures based on eBay sales, toys from the popular animation are selling at a rate of one every seven seconds. Yes, you read correctly.


The stats suggest that, on average, 12,653 pieces of ‘Frozen’ merchandise are sold on the auction each day, which eclipses any other brand on there.

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Long-time franchise ‘Pokemon’ comes in second, with ‘Harry Potter’ merch in third. The likes of ”Toy Story’ and ‘The Simpsons’ also do good daily business, but ‘Frozen’ seems to outselling anyone and everyone at the moment.

The top selling brands on eBay over the past six months read;

1. ‘Frozen’
2. ‘Pokémon’
3. ‘Harry Potter’
4. ‘Toy Story’
5. ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’
6. ‘Dr Who’
7. ‘Fireman Sam’
8. ‘In the Night Garden’
9. ‘The Simpsons’
10. ‘Scooby-Doo’


eBay’s Laura Wilkinson-Rea said: “‘Frozen’ has really captured the imaginations of an entire generation of children, and is a true phenomenon.”

In truth it’s no surprise to hear that ‘Frozen’ is continuing to sell well so long after its initial cinema release in late 2013. However, the fact that thousands of related products are selling every single day is quite astonishing.

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Picture credits: Disney, Pixar

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