Disney Pixar’s New Short Film Looks Its Most Interesting To Date


Pixar are well known for its superb short films that play before its cinema features. It’s had 10 Oscar nominations, winning three times, but this new story that accompanies ‘The Good Dinosaur’ looks their most intriguing yet.

‘Sanjay’s Super Team’ is about an Indian-American family, whereby its star, young Sanjay, is torn between his family’s traditional values and that of Western culture.

It’s a tale of superheroes, in a way, as Sanjay imagines the Hindu gods he’s taught about to be like those we see in American pop culture from the likes of Marvel.


In fact, the short was inspired by its director’s (Sanjay Patel) own real-life experiences as a boy. He’s also the first Indian-American to helm a Pixar flick too.

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Rather than tackling usual themes, which often include emotionally-led stories regarding love, loss, and acceptance, ‘Sanjay’s Super Team’ also taps into a more diverse religious and cultural path.

The trailer offers a snippet of the charm, humour and culture-clashing issue it addresses, and aside from being wonderfully animated, it’ll likely have some important and heartfelt meaning.


There’s a new short trailer for the film, and from the (brief) looks of things it has all the appeal we’re used to from a Pixar production.

There’s nothing better than a gorgeous-looking short Pixar animation with a bit of depth to prep us for their often astounding feature films. The key is fitting a coherent, engaging story into five or six minutes worth of screen time, so fingers crossed ‘Sanjay’s Super Team’ can do that, as well as explore cultural boundaries.

There’s also a good chance it’ll be amongst the list for Best Animated Short at next year’s Oscars, along with ‘Inside Out’s’ lovely-looking musical ‘Lava’.

There’s not long until you can watch this in full, with ‘The Good Dinosaur’ hitting UK cinemas on 27 November.

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Picture credit: Disney Pixar