Is Disney ruining its cartoon classics?

Disney has a long-standing practice of rereleasing its most beloved animated titles in spiffed-up new packages, all of which purportedly feature the most cutting-edge transfers that technology can produce. Yet as one Twitter user illustrated Monday night, the studio’s restoration process may do far more harm than good — and fans, predictably, weren’t happy to learn this ugly truth.

Dublin-based artist Stephen Duignan took to Twitter to point out the many ways in which Disney has transformed — for the worse — movies like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, all in an effort to “enhance” them for the high-def era.

Unsurprisingly, Duignan’s thread inspired some unhappy comments from both cinephiles and Disney enthusiasts, who viewed such alterations (which many claim can be found in numerous Disney releases) as a form of bastardization — and a sign that the studio isn’t truly committed to maintaining the original versions of its classics.

In an era marked by constant director’s cuts and special editions (we’re looking at you, Star Wars — which is also owned by Disney!), it is probably to be expected that such problems would naturally arise. Still, what say you, fellow readers? Is Disney improving its movies by tinkering this way, or is the studio ruining the very things it is trying to save?

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