Disney Want Robert Redford For Pete's Dragon Reboot

Hollywood legend Robert Redford is apparently in talks to appear in Disney’s reboot of the classic tale ‘Pete’s Dragon’, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


The 77-year-old star is said to be in negotiations for ‘Pete’s Dragon’, which will be directed by ‘Ain’t Them Bodies Saints’ helmer David Lowery. He’ll bring the cartoon dragon to life in this animation meets live-action update, with the promise to use CGI to integrate the friendly beast into the real world.

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1977 saw the original ‘Pete’s Dragon’ released, which was directed by Don Chaffey and starred Sean Marshall as Pete, with Helen Reddy and Jim Dale in support.


It’s believed that Lowery wishes to film the reboot in New Zealand, with the plot altering from the turn of the 20th Century fishing village setting to a woodland one. Pete’s an orphan raised by the dragon, named Elliot, and focuses on a story that sees the forest he inhabits come under threat from human interference (i.e. nasty chainsaws).

Redford is also teaming up with Lowery for ‘The Old Man and the Gun’, an adaptation of David Grann’s New Yorker article. The ageing actor has had somewhat of a resurgence in Hollywood recently, with a villainous role in Marvel’s ‘Captain America: The Winter Solider’ and a superb solo effort in ‘All Is Lost’.

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Picture credits: Disney, WENN

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