Disney's Big Hero 6 Beat Interstellar At US Box Office

Since its release on 7 November in the US, Disney’s ‘Big Hero 6’ has proven popular amongst audiences, having beaten Chris Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ to the opening weekend top spot.


According to figures up until 9 November on Box Office Mojo, Disney’s latest animated adventure sat atop of the weekend’s summit with $56.2 million, compared to ‘Interstellar’s’ $47.5 million.

Having premiered in Japan at Tokyo International Film Festival a few weeks ago, ‘Big Hero 6’ saw a number of countries gain public releases to the film prior to the States. As a result, it has taken $84.4 million so far in the worldwide box office.

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Some had suggested after the huge success of ‘Frozen’, Disney’s future animated endeavours would be significantly bolstered, but in comparison their latest, has in fact taken less. Aside from a limited opening weekend, once ‘Frozen’ had a wider release in cinemas, it took $67.4 million, and subsequently went on to do extremely well.


With Christmas approaching, as well as openings still to take place in the UKand most of Europe, as well as Japan, the film is still likely to do rather well on the back of ‘Frozen’s’ billion dollar-breaking feat.

Reviews of ‘Big Hero 6’ have been extremely positive, so a successful stint should see the film make several hundred million dollars at the worldwide box office, but can it do as well as ‘Frozen’? The likelihood is that, regardless of its popular Arendelle-set predecessor, ‘Big Hero 6’ won’t break the billion dollar mark, but will enjoy a profitable spell on general release nonetheless.

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Picture credits: Disney

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