Disturbing find made inside shark after tourist disappear

A grisly explanation for the disappearance of a British man has emerged after a body part was found inside the stomach of a shark.

A hand complete with a wedding ring was found inside a dead tiger shark after it was killed off France’s Reunion Island.

The shark was killed as it had been swimming near the beaches on the island, which is notorious for shark attacks.

The 44-year-old was believed to have been eaten by a tiger shark as his hand was later found in its stomach. Source: File/Getty Images

According to reports, the wife of a 44-year-old Scottish man confirmed the hand wearing a ring was her husband’s.

The man was reportedly holidaying with his wife and went for a swim in the Hermitage Lagoon off Saint-Gilles but never came back, prompting her to raise the alarm.

A huge search operation ensued on both sea and land but the man couldn’t be found - until the hand was found in the tiger shark.

The hand was found inside the tiger shark after it was killed off France’s Reunion Island. Source: File/Getty Images

It is not known whether the shark killed him or he drowned and was later eaten by it.

Reunion Island, which is 175km east of Madagascar, is notorious for shark attacks.

Many of its beaches don’t allow swimming but tourists often ignore the bans.

-Yahoo News UK

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