DJ Khaled Finds Unusual Rapper He Wants to Collaborate With on ‘AGT’

Kylie Mar
Host & Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Yo, DJ Khaled: They don’t want you to press that buzzer! (Yet.)

Multi-platinum record producer DJ Khaled was a little too excited to be a guest judge this week on America’s Got Talent. When host Tyra Banks asked the judges to hit their red buzzers to show contestants what they don’t want to hear, Khaled immediately slammed the golden buzzer. It took a couple seconds for him to realize that he’d made a mistake, but everyone laughed it off, and Khaled joked, “At least I know it works!”

Confident that the golden buzzer was operational, he carried on, and it was 21-year old singer-songwriter Chase Goehring — who brought his killer lyrics and fast-singing skills to the stage — who finally made Khaled say “bless up” the AGT way.

Goering, who wowed the judges in his first audition with an original song, brought another song he wrote himself, “A Capella.” It was clear from his authenticity, lyrics, and vocal skills that Goehring’s got talent. So, when it was Khaled’s turn to express his thoughts, the guest judge shared, “I put out a lot of hit records. Let me tell you something. The lyrics — they’re so real and authentic, like an a capella.” He then told Goehring, “You’re on your way to be a star. This show and this stage is gonna make you into a superstar!” as he hit the golden buzzer, releasing the epic rain of golden confetti.

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