Doctor Who showrunner on next possible spin-off

steven moffat, a man stands looking at the camera and smiling
Doctor Who showrunner on next possible spin-offDave Benett - Getty Images

Former Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has shared his thoughts on the show's next possible spin-off.

After returning showrunner Russell T Davies hinted at additional spin-offs earlier this year — and after Doctor Who recently confirmed the new spin-off Tales of the TARDIS — Moffat opened up about what could come next.

"It's tough with spin-offs of Doctor Who," he told Radio Times. "I like them. I always have a slight suspicion that the thing that's best about Doctor Who is that Doctor Who's in it. You don't improve a Doctor Who by taking Doctor Who out of it.

steven moffat, a man stands looking at the camera and smiling
Dave Benett - Getty Images

"So I don't know. There's loads of things you can do. There's loads of ideas in Doctor Who that are good enough for their own show, that's the truth. The obvious one is UNIT — why did no one just do UNIT?"

Moffat also shared that while working on the show, he considered making a spin-off series featuring Jenny and Vastra as a crime-solving duo.

"I was always half-tempted to do Jenny and Vastra solving crimes in Victorian London with big swords. I thought that would be quite fun," Moffat explained. "I never got round to it because I was kind of busy."

On his favourite series within the Doctor Who universe, Moffat said: "My favourite one they've done so far was The Sarah Jane Adventures because it did the thing you actually have to do, which is address a slightly different audience.

sarah jane adventures
The Sarah Jane AdventuresCBBC

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"Doctor Who is kind of a children's programme, but [The Sarah Jane Adventures] was definitely a children's programme, of a kind that we sort of don't make anymore, which I think we should, and so I thought that was lovely."

In the end, though, Moffat is confident the next spin-off will be great, no matter what it is. "I'm sure whatever Russell comes up with will be exactly the right idea," he said.

Doctor Who returns for three 60th anniversary specials later in 2023. The show airs on BBC One in the UK and Disney+ elsewhere.

Classic episodes of Doctor Who will be made available via BBC iPlayer in the UK from November.

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