Doctor Strange at D23: Kevin Feige Confirms Chiwetel Ejiofor As Baron Mordo

Disney kicked off day two of their D23 fan convention in California with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and ‘Doctor Strange’

The first superhero débutante of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) Phase Three will be the good Doctor and Feige revealed to fans in attendance some details and the first concept art.


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First he confirmed the casting of Chiwetel Ejiofor as mystic antagonist Baron Mordo, who will star alongside Benedict Cumberbatch as Steven Strange and Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One.

Feige made no mention of Rachel McAdams according to Entertainment Weekly’s live blog. McAdams was reportedly to have been in talks to play the female lead opposite the 'Sherlock’ star.

Given the film doesn’t start filming until November there was no footage to show off but Feige made up for that with a video message from Cumberbatch and the very first concept art.

In his message Cumberbatch said he was “very lucky and very excited to take on 'Doctor Strange,“ who he called an “extraordinary character who brings in a whole other dimension, multiple dimensions to the Marvel Universe.”

With tongue firmly in cheek the actor also promised the movie would have "girls, cars, explosions, and a bit of astral projecting into multiple dimensions”.


Concept art helped outline the basic plot, which sees neurosurgeon Strange get involved in a car crash that leaves his hand mangled. He then goes on a journey of discovery on which he meets The Ancient One and is granted extraordinary powers.

There was also a look at the film’s more “out there” moments, including looks at what have been described by those in attendance as either planets or planes of another dimension, with “shades of 'Inception’ and 'Guardians [of the Galaxy]’s visuals” according to Slash Film’s Peter Sciretta.

Concept art revealed the character’s costume, which has been described as very in-keeping with the character’s original design and does include grey streaks in his air.

'Doctor Strange’ is set for release on 28 October 2016.

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Picture Credits: WENN / Marvel Comics.