Doctors confused Senators' Tyler Ennis for basketball player Tyler Ennis

Tyler Ennis, the hockey player, was mixed up by doctors with Tyler Ennis, the basketball player. (Getty Images)

Ottawa Senators forward Tyler Ennis received some devastating news from doctors about an ankle injury he suffered last season while playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The forward took a shot off the inside of his ankle and was told initially that there was a fracture, according to Ian Mendes of TSN. However, the news got substantially worse from there.

“They pulled up my X-ray. And they’re like ‘Woah – you’ve got a really bad displaced break here,’” Ennis said according to Mendes.

This news confused the forward as he was told earlier by doctors that it wasn’t a displaced fracture.

The doctors, as perplexed as Ennis at the time, went back and re-examined. They weren’t wrong, they had Tyler Ennis’ X-ray in their hands!

The only problem? The X-ray they were staring at belonged to Tyler Ennis, the Canadian basketball player who suffered a nastier break to his leg shortly prior to the hockey player’s injury.

“They double-checked and they actually had the image from the other Tyler Ennis, who broke his leg playing basketball overseas. His break was a lot worse than mine,” stated the hockey-playing Ennis. “When they confused our X-rays, I was a little nervous. I thought my recovery was going to take a lot longer.”

Ennis, the hockey player, missed just under two months due to his injury while Ennis, the basketball player, required more than a year to recover from his ailment.

Ennis, the basketball player, currently plays for the Toronto Raptors’ G-League team, the Raptors 905.

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