Does McDonald's Actually Have Dinner Boxes On The Menu?

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While a McDonald's Happy Meal is a great option for kids, it isn't quite a satisfying meal for hungry adults. Luckily, customers have stumbled upon a secret dinner box that takes Happy Meals to a whole new level. In a recent viral video that has amassed over 12 million views, one user showed themselves ordering a "dinner box" in a McDonald's drive-thru line in Texas.

The internet was understandably skeptical because, for only $12, the meal deal consisted of four small fries, two Big Macs, two cheeseburgers, a 10-piece chicken McNugget, and sauces. The food was also presented in a massive yellow and white striped box with classic golden arches. However, the self-described "mama on a budget" clarified that this bundle didn't have a beverage option.

Viewers met this exciting deal with hesitation because it's not on the McDonald's menu. The video creator noted that "you're probably just gonna have to ask," explaining that they heard about this deal through social media. Interestingly, one commenter inquired about the dinner box in a phone call with McDonald's and wrote, "The manager didn't know what I was talking about." Others were quick to criticize the price, with one user saying, "That would be 75 bucks in Canada." PEOPLE was able to confirm with McDonald's that franchised locations can offer certain promotional deals with individualized prices. However, this likely means that not every McDonald's will have this dinner box and those that do will vary in cost.

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Not Every McDonald's Location Has The Same Deals

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The truth about McDonald's is that discounts aren't universal. McDonald's also told PEOPLE that the shareable deals will be featured in the app. Therefore, if you don't see this dinner box offering, there's a good chance your location doesn't offer it. This also sheds more light on the comments in the viral video because one user claimed they didn't see the offer in their app at all, while another person confirmed that their state had this deal, writing, "This dinner box is $22 here in Ohio." Another commenter noted that the same box is $14.99 in Las Vegas.

If you can't get your hands on the dinner box, don't fret. Luckily, you'll be hard-pressed to find a McDonald's that doesn't offer a Happy Meal. While asking for a kid's meal as an adult may feel like something you should never order at McDonald's, it's not a bad option! The iconic red Happy Meal box is around $5 in California but will also vary slightly based on location and is likely cheaper in other states.

You can choose between chicken nuggets or a hamburger and it comes with fries, apple slices, and a drink. Therefore, in a pinch, customers can simply opt for two Happy Meals and get a decent assortment of food for around $10. Of course, it's not the same as the dinner boxes, so if you feel the need to find a location that sells them, nobody's judging.

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