Dolly Parton Is Releasing a Line of Cast Iron Skillets With Lodge

Jolene can have the man, we want these pans.

<p>Lodge/Getty Images</p>

Lodge/Getty Images

Does it seem like Dolly Parton somehow gets more than 24 hours in a day? Because how does the icon possibly have time to write and perform her legendary songs, own an amusement park, have a baking line, write a cookbook, and now release cookware? And, let’s be real, there are probably 10 other things she’s doing behind the scenes right now that we don’t even know about yet.

But, hey, we’re not complaining. We’ll take anything and everything from the Queen of Country.

So, what’s up next for Queen Dolly? A new line of cookware with Lodge. That’s right, two Tennessean icons are teaming up to launch Dolly Parton-inspired cast iron cookware.

Lodge's New Dolly Parton Collection



The new four-piece collection celebrates Parton and her music with intricate designs on the heritage cast iron. From butterflies and guitars to full-blown portraits of the Grammy Award winner, the cookware has something for every Dolly Parton fan out there.

Lodge’s Dolly Parton collection features a 10.25-inch, 12-inch, and 13.25-inch cast iron skillet and a mini cast iron skillet shaped like a guitar.

Each size of cast iron skillet features a different Dolly Parton design on the bottom—including Parton with a butterfly on the 10.25-inch, a guitar and butterfly on the 12-inch, and a portrait of Parton with the quote “I can see the light of a clear blue mountain” on the 13-inch. The mini guitar skillet is not only shaped like a guitar, but also features a unique design—including guitar strings and Dolly Parton’s signature.

All the cast iron skillets are preseasoned with vegetable oil and made in the U.S.—right in Parton’s home state of Tennessee. The skillets are as practical as they are adorable—meaning they make great kitchen tools or decor to hang on the kitchen wall. So, you might even want to buy one for cooking and one for keepsake.

The 10.25-inch skillet retails for $29.95, the 12-inch skillet for $36.95, and the 13-inch skillet for $54.95. The mini guitar skillet retails for $22.95. Lodge’s Dolly Parton collection pans are all available now on Lodge’s site.

Parton was due for a partnership with Lodge, especially since we know she uses Lodge cast iron in her Dollywood restaurants. You can even buy a 25-pound apple pie that includes a take-home Lodge skillet at Dollywood’s Spotlight Bakery. But, maybe, now Dollywood will replace the traditional Lodge skillet with one from the Dolly Parton collection—come on, a girl can dream.

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