Dolphins trick play baffles Eagles defense in huge win for Miami

Luke Bradshaw
Sports Writer

The fact that the Miami Dolphins are at 3-9 is quite incredible given the dumpster fire that appeared to be in full effect at the beginning of the season.

On Sunday they beat the Philadelphia Eagles 37-31 with the undoubted highlight (among a few) being the trick play that had Eagles defenders desperately trying to work out what was going on.

Miami were on the Eagles one-yard line with fourth-and-goal, lining up in an utterly unique formation spread across the width of the field. It was clear that they weren’t going to kick but it was still baffling trying to work out what was coming.

Punter Matt Haack received the ball and appeared as though he was going to rush or find a wideout. Instead, his shovel pass to kicker Jason Sanders drew in two defenders and found his man wide open in the middle of the end zone.

It gave the Dolphins a 14-13 lead as the halftime whistle approached, with Brian Flores continuing to get as much as possible out of his limited squad.

Trick plays aside, wider receiver DeVante Parker was in scintillating form. His 43-yard touchdown on fourth down in the first quarter was the exceptional play in a career game for the 26-year-old.

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