Domhnall Gleeson reveals the About Time moment he wanted Richard Curtis to delete

Ellie Harrison
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Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams in About Time (Moviestore/Shutterstock)
Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams in About Time (Moviestore/Shutterstock)

About Time star Domhnall Gleeson has revealed the one moment in the 2013 romantic comedy that he asked director Richard Curtis to cut out of the film.

Speaking with PeopleTV, the star reflected on the wedding scene in the film, in which newly-weds Tim (Gleeson) and Mary (Rachel McAdams) leave the church and are pummeled with wind and rain, causing Mary’s veil to get caught on the door.

Tim goes to help her, trying to remove the red material from her face, but Gleeson felt it could be misconstrued as something much more sinister.

“It looks like I’m trying to smother Rachel McAdams with that red veil. It looks like I’m trying to kill her,” he said. “I remember saying to Richard Curtis that I don’t think we should keep that bit in, I think that looks incredibly violent.”

Curtis reassured Gleeson that viewers would understand what he’s trying to do in the scene, and it stayed put.

Gleeson said the film was “one of the most fun shoots” of his life. “It was sunny and the job was about love and it was just wonderful,” he said.

Gleeson and his brother Brian can currently be seen in the sitcom Frank of Ireland on Channel 4.

In a three-star review, The Independent’s critic Sean O’Grady wrote: “Frank of Ireland ought to be a lot funnier than it is. The basic premise, of a layabout idiot’s struggles with love and life, is the core component of many a sitcom…

“In this case we have Frank (Brian Gleeson), a red beard Irish chappie living at home with his mother in Dublin long after he should have moved out, and whose love life is thus compromised and complicated. The results, unfortunately, aren’t always that hilarious, because, to be frank, he’s just a bit too idiotic and selfish for us to be rooting for him.”

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