Domhnall Gleeson set to star in Alice and Jack

Domhnall Gleeson is set to star alongside Andrea Riseborough in 'Alice and Jack'.

The 40-year-old actor and Andrea, 41, will both appear in the upcoming Channel 4 drama series from Victor Levin, the award-winning writer and film director.

Speaking prior to the ongoing writers' strike, Domhnall said: "The only work I’ve wanted to watch and do since the pandemic is work about connection and love, and work with a sense of humour.

"'Alice and Jack' keep coming back to each other because they can’t help themselves - they find in each other something that they don’t have on their own. I think they're soulmates, I think it's bigger than just the two of them.

"Their story centres on connection and love in the most beautiful way and reminds us that we are always allowed to smile - even if it’s through the tears."

The love story was filmed in various locations - including London and Gran Canaria in Spain - during the summer of 2022.

Andrea believes the story is "for anyone who could or couldn’t make the sacrifice that love demanded".

The actress - who also serves as an executive producer on the project - explained: "We unite in yearning to see evidence of real love, and, too, are soothed to share with one another the ache of its inevitable imperfection.

"This story is for anyone who could or couldn’t make the sacrifice that love demanded, for anyone who battles and accepts the one who makes their soul soar, for anyone who longs to feel, who has felt, and who feels the tingling anticipation of love’s joy."