Domino’s Is Giving Away Even More Free “Emergency” Pizzas

To the tune of $1 million worth of pizza.



Pizza is basically a food group for most college students. Pizza delivery chains like Domino’s and Papa John's have fueled late-night study sessions, social club events, and parties on college campuses for decades. They’ve also made a lot of money from those students who require cheesy sustenance.

Domino’s recently introduced a deal for a free "emergency" pizza for those nights when you burn dinner or don’t have time to cook. Now, it’s extending the emergency pizza idea to students who have made the chain untold riches—specifically, those with outstanding student loans.

Why? After a pause during the pandemic, student loan payments have resumed, leaving recent grads and those who have been paying loans for years with a sudden addition to their monthly budget. Domino’s says it wants “to help in our own way by using the power of pizza to do something nice for our customers.” That “nice” thing is the Domino’s Emergency Pizzas for Student Loans program.

How To Get Free Pizza Through Domino’s Emergency Pizzas for Student Loans Program

Starting October 25, Domino’s customers who still have student loan payments can apply for one free medium two-topping pizza, while supplies last. Domino’s will give away a limited number of codes for free pizza each day until $1 million worth of free pizzas have been claimed.

The key word there is apply, because not everyone will get a code on the day they apply for it. In fact, there’s a chance you may never get a code. To us, this seems to mimic the uncertainty that student loan holders went through when they applied to college in the first place, which feels a bit cruel. But we suppose there is (potential) free pizza at the end of this tunnel, so it may be worth the stress.

For those willing to take on the chance of rejection again, this is how it works:

  • Visit the offer page on Domino’s website.

  • Apply for a free Emergency Pizza for Student Loans by giving your name, email address, the name of your institution, and graduation year.* 

  • If there are any codes left for the day (there will be roughly 4,200 codes released each day), Domino’s will send you an email with a free pizza code to redeem on your next carry-out or delivery order placed in the next 30 days.

  • If all of the codes are gone on the day you apply, a notice will pop up telling you so. Don't fret—you can continue to apply through November 9, the last day of the program.

It would appear that those who choose the carry-out option can get a pizza absolutely free, with no additional purchases or fees. For those who opt for delivery, the pizza will still be free, but you will have to pay for delivery and other fees.

*Graduation is actually not a part of Domino’s official eligibility requirements. These are: Domino’s Emergency Pizzas for Student Loans are available on a first-come, first-served basis, while supplies last and open to legal U.S. residents physically residing in the 50 U.S./D.C. who are 18+ years of age.

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