Don Lemon Threatens to End Segment if Commentators Keep Talking Over Each Other

On CNN, anchor Don Lemon had to lay down the law on political commentators Mike Shields and Neera Tanden when the two kept talking over each other. So much so that it was difficult to tell what point either was trying to make, and neither was letting Lemon get a word in edgewise. So Lemon stepped in and threatened to end the segment if Shields and Tanden didn’t let each other speak and, more important, if they didn’t let him speak.

Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff and Republican candidate Karen Handel. (Photo illustration: Yahoo News; photos: Chris Aluka Berry/Reuters, David Goldman/AP, AP)

It’s understandable that Shields and Tanden were so passionate about the subject matter. They were discussing Tuesday’s contentious special election between Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel. The election is for the Sixth Congressional District of Georgia, a seat left empty by Tom Price when he took the position of health and human services secretary. So when neither Shields nor Tanden would let up, Lemon pulled the ultimate “You kids be quiet back there or I’ll turn this car around” move, and he did it for the people.

“When I need to get in, let me in or I’m going to end the segment,” Lemon began. “It doesn’t do any good when you both talk over each other. When you don’t listen to the moderator. The people at home don’t get anything out of it. I’m here to ask you some questions because I’m the moderator and I’m trying to get some answers. And I’m trying to help the people at home come to some understanding about what’s going on.”

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