Donald Trump's bedroom hair looks like a 'drunken cockatoo,' according to Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels offers new details about her se χ life with Donald Trump. (Photo: Getty Images)

What’s as orange as Donald Trump‘s skin and flops around like a “drunken cockatoo”? The president’s seχ hair, according to Stormy Daniels.

That’s right, the pοrn star and president’s alleged mistress has shared more details of her time with Trump, and this time she got even more descriptive.

Her interview with Penthouse has finally been released and in it Daniels talks about everything from her childhood and her love of horses to, of course, her infamous one-night stand.

The most interesting part of the article might be when she lifts the veil (or should we say, toupee?) on Trump’s questionable hairstyle — the slightly orange, very thin, double comb-over that looks like it should move a lot more than it does.

“Before I met him, I thought that he was on TV and had funny hair,” the 39-year-old says. Daniels says meeting him did nothing to help that; her impression remained exactly the same.

Stormy Daniels gets real descriptive about Donald Trump’s se χ hair in an interview with Penthouse. (Photo: Getty Images)

We all know how funny looking his hair is, but we had no idea how funny it could be.

The interviewer then asked what many have wondered: If his strange style stays still while he has seχ. “No, [his hair is] real,” Daniels replies. “He chose that.”

After confirming again that it’s real, the Penthouse Pet of the century describes his seχ hair as fluffing around “kind of like a drunken cockatoo” when he’s on top of you. That might be the strangest thing we’ve heard since Daniels shared that she spanked his butt with a magazine that featured his face on the cover.

But, as she said, his hair was his choice. Daniels says in the interview that Trump described his hairstyle as “his brand,” which explains why it’s remained the same for so long, even as it thins.

Of course, his hair isn’t the only thing on him that’s orange. It practically blends in with his skin, which is a deeper golden hue that Daniels, and most people, avoid. As the bombshell blond prepped for a spray tan during the interview, she told the spray-tan artist, “I don’t want to look like Trump. Soon, spray tan brands around the world will probably start selling a color named exactly that.

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