Don't Make Valentine's Day Plans Until You've Read Your Horoscope

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If you’re celebrating Valentine's Day this year, prepare for a little bit of drama! This year, the cosmos brings a combination of energies that is set to expose feelings that have been lurking beneath the surface for some time. Pluto—the planet of intensity—will be sitting between Venus and Mars, the legendary cosmic lovers. Expect deep emotions and major revelations within relationships. No one will be able to hold back their true feelings and intentions!

If you're in a solid relationship, you'll ride out this rocky astro-weather. But if you're in a situationship, you or your partner is probably asking, "What are we???" The good news is that after you have The Talk, at least you'll know where you stand. Even better news: On Valentine's Day, the energy peaks in the first part of the day, and once the evening arrives, a mellow vibe takes over as the Moon in Taurus cozies up to benevolent Jupiter. That means that after some tough convos earlier in the day, this evening is a time to enjoy life's simple pleasures. Like a delicious dinner followed by getting cozy in bed, if you know what I mean. 😏

Read your Sun/Rising sign horoscope for Valentine's Day 2024:


Take things slowly, Aries. If you’re in a relatively new relationship or single and crushing hard, rushing things could backfire. If you’re in a serious relationship, adopt a slow approach and allow your partner to take the lead for the day (it can be your turn on February 15). This will ensure you can both truly enjoy the evening.


You like making plans for V-Day, Taurus—but this year, the stars are bringing you an intense week with unexpected changes at work. This year, it might be best to allow yourself to go with the flow for your Valentine's Day plans instead of planning an involved date night. With the Moon in your sign, a mellow evening at home might be best, whether you spend it with a date, lover, or close friends.


Valentine’s Day promises to bring major revelations your way, Gemini. The Taurus Moon is bound to expose a crucial piece of information that could change the way you feel about someone—or even the way you feel about relationships altogether! Instead of rushing to respond to what you learn, wait until the end of the week. Once the Moon enters your sign on Friday, you will know exactly where your emotions stand.


If you’re in a committed relationship, prepare for deep conversations to take place this Valentine’s Day. Perhaps you and your partner need to clear the air concerning your views on partnership and intimacy, or one of you has something they need to share. If you're single, however, this year’s Valentine's vibes are ideal for having a blast with your clique.


Read between the lines, Leo. This Valentine’s Day, you might realize that you no longer view relationships the same way you used to. If you’re in a serious partnership, it might be better to wait a few days to tell your S.O. about all your new ideas. If you're single, your career seems to be your number-one priority.


You are one of the luckiest signs this Valentine’s Day, Virgo! The planet of love, Venus, is sending good vibes to your chart's romance sector. If you’ve been dating someone, your sweetie could begin hinting at their desire to take your bond to the next level. If you're single, this is a good time to meet someone at an event or connect with a cutie on a dating app.


Keep things light this Valentine’s Day, Libra. If you’re in a relationship, the vibes are ideal for a romantic date (candlelit dinner, anyone?) with Venus and the Taurus Moon instigating closeness between you and your date. If you're flying solo, grab a couple of your besties and hit the town. Fun and eclectic personalities could come into your orbit, bringing the lighthearted fun need right now.


Embrace flow this Valentine’s Day, Scorpio. After an intense beginning to the week, you're ready to relax. If you're in a relationship or dating someone, you and your partner should opt for a low-key celebration this year. If you’re single, the energy is perfect for daydreaming—or even better, vision-boarding—about what your ideal relationship would look like!


It's time to celebrate, Sagittarius! Whether you're single or attached, your career is in a productive phase now. Your motto is “work hard, play hard mentality” right now, thanks to the Taurus Moon activating your ruling planet, Jupiter. Keep things light and just have a good time!


With Venus ending its yearly detour through your sign, your magnetism is off the charts! If you're coupled up or have a FWB, this is an ideal time to get kinky in the bedroom. If you're single, the Taurus Moon could put you face-to-face with an interesting and eclectic person who you feel drawn to.


Stay alert this V-Day, Aquarius. If you're partnered, the presence of Mars in your sign could suddenly unearth a misalignment of values. Notice it, but resolve to tackle it at a later time. If you're single, invite some of your besties over for a night in watching rom-coms and you'll have a great time.


Thanks to a total of four(!) planets aligning in your birth chart's privacy privacy sector, you might not feel super social this V-Day. Plan a mellow early night at your favorite local bar or restaurant—either with your S.O. or your bestie. You'll have deep conversations and some major revelations about how you think and feel about romance.

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