Dorothy Wang says she 'politely declined' joining 'Bling Empire' before spinoff offer

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It took some convincing for Dorothy Wang to join Bling Empire, but the decision to move to New York City was all her own.

The former Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star joined the second season of Netflix’s Los Angeles-set reality show, but by the end of the season she had moved to the Big Apple after over 30 years of living in the City of Angels. It was clear that a spin-off was on the horizon.

Lo and behold, Bling Empire: New York premiered on Netflix on Friday, documenting Dorothy’s cross-country move and her entrée into life in Manhattan, finding new friends and love interests along the way.

For the latest episode of In The Know’s pop culture interview series We Should Talk, Dorothy revealed how the spin-off came to be and why she really moved to New York City, how she’s been adapting to live on the East Coast and whether she considers the move to be forever. She also opened up about her spin-off series and the one person she wishes she hadn’t endorsed to be cast on the show, and she spilled more of her thoughts on her new co-stars.

Watch In The Know’s full interview with Dorothy Wang below, and stream Bling Empire: New York on Netflix now:

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