Downton Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville for Mrs. Brown’s Boys movie?

Mark Lankester
Yahoo UK Movies News

‘Downton Abbey’s' Hugh Bonneville is reportedly in talks to star in the upcoming ‘Mrs. Brown’s Boys’ movie.

Bonneville is wanted by series creator and star Brendan O’Carroll to

play a barrister who also has Tourette’s syndrome.  Queue inappropriate

courtroom outbursts.

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O’Carroll said: "I'm hoping to get Hugh Bonneville for the part. I wrote it with him in mind and couldn't stop laughing - I think he'd be brilliant."

"This barrister hasn't represented anyone for five years because when he is under pressure he develops Tourette's.”

The movie will revolved around Mrs. Brown challenging a politician and development company that want to close down the Dublin market where her vegetable stall stands. And that’s where Hugh would come in.

"They think Agnes's stall will be easy to shut down because she's a widow,” said 57 year-old O’Carroll, “but she has no intention of going anywhere without a fight.”

‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ currently averages around 7 million viewers on BBC1, and the series’ Christmas specials were the most watched Christmas Day and Boxing Day shows on both UK and Irish TV.

The ‘Mrs. Brown’s Boys’ movie is due to start filming in August 2013.