'Downton Abbey: A New Era': Could there be a third movie?

The doors have only just opened for the second Downton film – Downton Abbey: A New Era – but everybody’s already asking the same question. Will there be a third?

And when members of the cast spoke to Yahoo before the sequel’s arrival, it was clear that they’d all be keen to do a threequel.

Downton Abbey: A New Era is released in UK cinemas on 29 April.

Video transcript

FREDA COOPER: This is the second film. What do you think the chances are of a third? A triple whammy, if you like.

PENELOPE WILTON: I don't know.

ELIZABETH MCGOVERN: Depends on how this goes, really.

PENELOPE WILTON: It does. We'd never count our chickens. Let's see how this goes. But if it does go well, who knows. I mean, it's up to Julian, really.

ELIZABETH MCGOVERN: I feel so proud that we've done the almost impossible, which is made a sequel that I think surpasses even the first one in its entertainment and enjoyment and humor and pathos. But it's hard to imagine keeping that level up. I mean, for me I would hope that we would be able to do something that is as good as what we've done before, instead of just doing it again for the sake of it. That's my personal feeling.

HUGH BONNEVILLE: Yeah, this is like Godfather 2, or Paddington 2.

PENELOPE WILTON: Or Paddington 2.

ELIZABETH MCGOVERN: It is. It is. I think that's right.

FREDA COOPER: I think Barrow-- Rob-- is one of the ones who's undergone the most changes. I mean, when you think of what he was like right at the very start, he's gone from being the out-and-out villain to actually a figure of authority now. What was that like for you as an actor?

ROBERT JAMES COLLIER: Oh, it was great. I think we've seen Thomas become more accepting of himself as it's gone through-- trials and tribulations with his sexuality. And that's why I think the audience is sort of warming towards him, and obviously because he was gay in a time when it was illegal and against God. I think the characters root for him because they know how painful and what a struggle that must have been.

And we've seen that in the series, and now he's gradually becoming more resolved with who he is. And hopefully he can find happiness, and hopefully it can be in this movie. And hopefully, if he does find it, he comes back again in the third movie and establishes his happiness there and lets everyone in the Abbey know how happy he is, and so on into the fourth, and the fifth.

I'd be up for, even if no one watched this film, making a third one out of spite-- as if we're saying shut you up. We're making a third one anyway. We're going to lose a shitload of money, but we don't care.


FREDA COOPER: I'll be there for the screening.

ROBERT JAMES COLLIER: You'll get very wealthy.

ALLEN LEECH: Just Rob and an iPhone.

ROBERT JAMES COLLIER: Do you know why he you're there for the screening? Because I am the only one of the few people who have a Yahoo email account. You're from Yahoo, so I've got a solidarity with you there.

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